Original Wine Opener
Original Wine Opener $32.00
Original Cork Pops wine opener with one cartridge. Each cartridge opens approximately 60 bottles of wine. * Fastest easiest way to open a bottle of wine. * No pulling - no twisting - no more broken corks. * Pierce the cork with the needle - push and lift. * Does not harm the wine or the environment. * Perfect for people with mobility issues. * Made in the USA. * Manufactured under the watchful eye of the inventor. * Used in Napa Sonoma Tasting Rooms! The steps are simple: * Remove the foil from the bottle. * Remove protective cap over the needle on the Cork Pop. * Insert the needle straight down through the center of the cork. * Hold bottle with one hand. * Press the top of the cartridge and lift as you feel the cork begin to come out of the bottle. * Hold on to the bottle and the Cork Pops. * The expelled cork is removed carefully from the end of the needle and the needle guard replaced on the opener.
Wine Opener
Wine Opener $39.00
The Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener is a wine opener that puts fun into removing the cork from a bottle of wine. The Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener uses a low-pressure inert gas cartridge to gently pop the cork from a wine bottle without affecting the taste of the wine or harming the environment. With the Cork Pops Legacy Wine Opener simply insert the needle straight down through the cork, press once and the cork pops out. All our openers are sold with a full cartridge in the initial purchase packaging. They all use the same cartridge. The Legacy opener has features which are not part of the original Cork Pop. The Legacy has a 4 blade built in foil cutter, a patented cork ejection mechanism which forces the cork to the end of the needle so you never have to reach toward an exposed needle, the needle is longer than the original Cork Pop and coated with graphite to more easily piece synthetic or composite closures.