Follow your Bliss and Vine and Grind Cookbook using our Olive Oil, Balsamic and spices
Follow Your Bliss Catering Co. and Vine & Grind Olive Oil and Vinegar Shop Cookbook / Recipe book $35.00
Foods with Benefits / Fortifying your Favorites: The Official Cookbook of Follow Your Bliss Catering Co. and Vine & Grind Olive Oil and Vinegar Shop 111 page paperback cookbook of Appetizers, Desserts & Entrees. At the onset of CV-19 Follow Your Bliss Catering Co. was a legitimate caterer with various international menus, dessert and garde manger (cold-foods) menus that included melon carvings. The world and the food service industry were confronting an unknown monster. Desperate to safely bring our food to the masses I made a big decision. Breakdown my secrets and portion them for anyone to utilize. Starting with four spices, then seven, then spiced nuts and natural salts. To finally make twenty years of compiled or reconfigured notes as well as recipes accessible to all. Which opened countless doors and set in motion this next meeting. It was approximately one year ago I was introduced to Vine & Grind, their line of signature products and co-owner Cherie Leal by my wife Melissa. To propose Follow Your Bliss Spices and Spiced Nuts as a potential V&G product line. Both product lines created only the two months prior to our introduction. She greeted us cheerfully and escorted us inside. Inviting us to look around and TASTE! Upon entering my eyes were drawn directly to the counter. Shimmering steel dispensers equipped with tasting cups and the benefits of each olive oil or balsamic clearly and tastefully displayed on both sides as you approach. Passing through both aisles of these wonderfully creative fusions and infusions my mind began to race. I grabbed my notebook as pairings started popping into my memory and quickly applied them to what I was sampling. First the fruit like quality of the ultra-premium olive oil, then the sweet-tartness and acidity of the A-Premium Balsamic. Next, I had to try the truffle (common in many high-end kitchens) … these are the best I had ever had, which spoke volumes about the quality! We had our meeting, providing samples of our spices and nuts and discussing the potential arrangement. Which ended being the first store front to offer Follow Your Bliss Products. I shared my initial tasting experience with Melissa and Cherie excited to continue. The combinations were amazing possibly 12 pairings the first night. These were the perfect and unique flavors to elevate potential of my own Spices! We all tried a few of the parings and were all equally excited. Mrs. Leal prepared a very generous “lab kit” with one of everything available. Beside myself with gratitude I gave my word that I would start assembling the collection you are about to read. Food is central to so much in our lives; health, cognitive function, recovery, memories, happiness, excitement, travel and guides almost everything I do. I love food, what it has given and taken from me. What I have been able to offer society, my family, my friends, my wife and my children because of it. That at times, if little else, I can provide one perfect meal or memory. The highest level of personal and professional satisfaction. Nothing worth while is never easy, join this challenge with us. Make different choices and prepare yourself for success. Get the best ingredients you can find and overcome convenience. Dazzle your palate and treat yourself well. These recipes are the unification of two all-natural product lines that can help fortify your favorite dishes. Boosting their nutritional, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant content. Share life and love through great food. We are honored to be at your table. Chef Roberto Cruz   *We also offer this Cookbook for purchase at Vine & Grind 111 107th Ave, Treasure Island, FL  We have Follow your bliss spices plus over 90+ varieties of Evoo, Infused & fused Olive Oils & Balsamic along with specialty oils to taste in our tasting room before bottling fresh! Thank you, Vine & Grind Staff & Chef Roberto Cruz ... Please also check out our Deluxe Cookbook starter kit displayed in a beautiful tray with 16 spices and salts along with 3 olive oil and 2 Balsamic vinegars! You can find this Deluxe starter kit under our Gifts and trays Collection! Need a Personal Chef? Hire Chef Roberto Cruz himself for your private event or function. Find details under our menu for tastings and Personal Chef.