Did you know that over 70% of store bought olive oil is adulterated?
I know I didn't ! After learning about the many adulterated olive oils on the market today, I was determined to find real extra virgin olive oils, educate as many people as I could and get the dangerous, unhealthy oils out of your kitchen.After being introduced to the supplier of the best lab tested and certified AUTHENTIC olive oils in the world, I traveled to California to learn everything I needed to know about olive oil and what makes it so great. I learned about chemistry levels, health benefits, pairing the many flavors and more. Vine and Grind is a Gourmet Specialty Shop offering only real olive oils, aged balsamic vinegar, specialty Oils, Infused Oils & Vinegar, sea salts, organic products, and the best coffee in town! Stop by for a taste of our healthy, lab tested & certified real Authentic olive oils, specialty oils, balsamic vinegar and more! Over 90+ Flavors bottled Fresh in Our Tasting Room. We Keep Our Prices Low to keep YOU Healthy!
Hope to see you soon, Jared Leal and team!