Did you know that over 70% of store bought olive oil is adulterated?  We didn't!  

After learning about the many adulterated olive oils on the market today, we were determined to find real extra virgin olive oils, educate as many people as we could and get the dangerous, unhealthy oils out of your kitchen.
After being introduced to the supplier of the best lab tested and certified AUTHENTIC olive oils in the world, we traveled to California to learn everything we needed to know about olive oil and what makes it so great.  We learned about chemistry levels, health benefits, pairing the many flavors and more. Vine and Grind is a Gourmet Specialty Shop offering only real olive oils, aged balsamic vinegar, specialty Oils, Infused Oils & Vinegar, sea salts, organic products, and the best coffee in town!

Stop by for a taste of our healthy, lab tested & certified real Authentic olive oils!

Vine and Grind Team