People Flowing into Vine & Grind Olive Oil & Balsamic Specialty Shop as Quality is Ensured !

Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ensures Quality


            Quality is what Vine & Grind of Treasure Island is all about when it comes to the 77+ varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar they offer to their online and in-store customers.

            It’s about “a pure and simple olive oil that tastes good and is healthy,” said Jared Leal, owner of the family business. He runs the store & Tasting Room with Cherie Leal, his mother and business partner.

            The UP brand certification label tags identify the store’s ultra premium extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) by the numbers. Each label lists several categories of information including the crush date and purity measurements.

            “The fresher the olive oil, the better it tastes and the healthier it is,” said Jared. Many manufacturers who sell olive oil in large chain stores do not include the crush date on their labelingand do not carry Lab certified Authentic Products .

            Purity values measured by UP meet or exceed standards used by the United States Department of Agriculture and other guidelines as established by the State of California or the country of Australia according to the company’s website.

            In addition, “our olive oil is packaged in dark glass bottles” to preserve the quality, said Jared.

            In-store customers at Vine & Grind can also conduct their own research because the entire retail area is an inviting tasting room. Sample cups are available throughout the store along with dipping bread. All 77 + Varieties of Oils and Balsamic Vinegar are bottled fresh in store. A coffee corner provides a relaxing area to evaluate choices.

            Besides good taste, other benefits of high-quality Authentic EVOO and balsamic vinegar include heart, bone and blood pressure health along with pain relief, Cancer, Diabetes,inflammation reduction and so much more, said Cherie. “Experts recommend that people consume three tablespoons daily.” Some Doctors have been sending their Patients in to purchase Vine & Grind's Certified Evoo, as it must be the Authentic Extra Virgin for Health Benefits. Some Fake Oils at the Markets could actually harm you.

            It was the health benefits of EVOO that inspired the Leals to get into the business.

            On January 3, 2016, 60 Minutes aired an investigative report about the quality of olive oil and how their research showed that between “75-80 percent” of the product “sold in the United States does not meet the legal grades for extra-virgin oil.” They are being sold as "Imported Extra Virgin Olive OIl" mixed with cheap oils, coloring and Clorophyll still being sold in markets everywhere. Many of the top Brand names out there. Even one the top sellers in the United States according to findings aired during the research on 60 minutes. Sad but true!

            Jared’s mom, dad and Family were using EVOO for health benefits and had one of those Top Brand names in their kitchen which was mixed with harmful cheaper oils and coloring yet labled as "Imported Extra Virgin". He became concerned about the purity of what they were consuming. His research for a more pure and high-quality Authentic product led to varieties sold by a California distributor, Veronica their Products from around The World are Lab Tested, Certified Authentic which could be trusted And, that’s when the idea for a specialty store in the area came to fruition. People are flowing into Vine & Grind from everywhere to purchase as they have sold thousands of bottles in this past Year!


            Vine & Grind offers both fused "Agrumato" and infused olive oils. Crushing olives with fresh fruits, vegetables or herbs creates what is known as Agrumato fused oil, while infused means the Natural ingredients have been added afterward.

 Their wholesale supplier mills fresh olives within 24 hours of harvest using a mechanical process free of heat and chemicals. Their Balsamic Vinegar is from Modena, Italy.

            The following bottle sizes are available for most varieties:  2.03 ounce (60 milliliters) mini, 6.76 ounce (200 milliliters) small, 12.68 ounce (375 milliliters) medium or a 25.36 ounce (750 milliliter) large.

            Other products offered by Vine & Grind include Specialty Oils, Custom gift baskets, infused maple syrup, organic chocolate, Natural dips, jams and honey.

            Prices at Vine & Grind are competitive, while “the certification provides customers with an objective measure of trust,” he said. “We keep our prices low to keep everybody healthy. We want them to be able to afford it.” and trust that they are purchasing the "REAL" Deal with amazing Health Benefits!


Vine & Grind also offers a Free Tasting Event every first Tuesday of the Month from 6:30-8pm where dishes are made with their products to be sampled. They also offer private Group Tasting Events.

 Vine & Grind

111 107th Ave., Treasure Island 


Jared Leal, right, owner of Vine & Grind in Treasure Island, showcases the UP certified extra virgin olive oil located in the front of the store with his mom, Cherie Leal, who is also his business partner. The family-owned business began because Jared conducted research to locate pure, Authentic and high-quality olive oil for his Family to use for health benefits. The store stocks 77 varieties of olive oil , Specialty Oils and balsamic vinegar.


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