Cayenne Chile Pepper Fused Olive Oil

Cayenne Pepper Agrumato Fused Olive Oil

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Made at our organic mill in Tunisia, this oil is made with whole cayenne peppers, crushed with certified organic Tunisian olives. This Agrumato Olive Oil, Whole Fruit Fused is concentrated and has a delightful aroma. It is "hot-sweet" and flavorful with rich, ripe pepper notes. All Natural No artificial flavors or additional ingredients Your BBQ’s will never be the same. A great marinade for roasted lamb, chicken, or fish. Wonderful for harissa, couscous, seafood, relish, and salsa! Vinegar Pairing Recommendations: Traditional 18-Year, Grapefruit, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Raspberry, Strawberry, Tangerine, Sicilian Lemon, Pomegranate, Peach, Alfoos Mango, Cinnamon Pear, Cranberry Pear, Blenheim Apricot, & Jalapeno.

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